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 GOD created Hurri.(74) Sandy, why?

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Brad Watson, Miami


PostSubject: GOD created Hurri.(74) Sandy, why?   11/1/2012, 01:04


You're not implying that GOD directed Hurri.74 Sandy to Atlantic City, New Jersey, and New York City to help the CONservative Mormon Mitt Romney win the White House, are you? GOD is telling me just the opposite, plus many other reasons, i.e. "The gambling of Atlantic City is disgustingly sinful! The greedy rich Wall Street bankers and investors weren't living in 'Babylon' - any city with excess luxury - for at least a couple days! The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is very important*, Etc."

Synchronism: 10/31/12 10:00 CNN "40 killed in US by Hurri. Sandy" 10:30 I called the White House comments line & President Obama's Campaign headquarters in Chicago and told them, "The President should NOT go back on the campaign tomorrow because of the hurricane and should make a campaign issue now of FEMA."
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Ed J


PostSubject: Re: GOD created Hurri.(74) Sandy, why?   11/2/2012, 04:46

Hi Brad,

Gambling at Atlantic City is one possibility,
Mitt Romney being President is another.
Both these might be the case as well;
plus there may be other reasons
that we don't know as of yet?

God bless
Ed J (Joshua 22:34)
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GOD created Hurri.(74) Sandy, why?

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