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 My email to White House 3/16/14 09:13

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Brad Watson, Miami


PostSubject: My email to White House 3/16/14 09:13   3/17/2014, 02:22

I just sent this email to Pres. Obama at http://www.whitehouse.gov 3/16/14 09:13.)

"Anytime an idea is connected to nature, it's not only logical - it's inevitable."

NATO needs to be dissolved. It was created as a reaction to the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union disbanded and the Warsaw Pact dissolved, NATO should have likewise disbanded. The European Union should include Ukraine and Western Russia (west of the Ural Mountains) and all the countries of Europe should have a central bank, be on the Euro, and participate in a functioning Continental Congress with no exceptions! The US could have a treaty with the European Union similar to NATO.

In WWII, many millions of Russians were killed by invaders from Western Europe (Hitler & Nazi Germany). After the war (1945), the border between 'West & East' was in Berlin. In 1989, the Berlin Wall came down. Since then, the US military has placed bases in Poland and invaded Afghanistan in 2001 and has remained there on Russia's southern border ever since! If you were Russian, wouldn't you feel like the 'Cold War' has been ramped up to 'very warm' by the Americans and Western Europe, and wonder, "Why"?
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My email to White House 3/16/14 09:13

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