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 Correcting the views of the Deluded mind

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PostSubject: Correcting the views of the Deluded mind   8/10/2013, 07:35

Delude defined

to mislead the mind or judgment of; deceive: His conceit deluded him into believing he was important.

This is on the subject of re-incarnation. Someone here needs to read up on it. Justin you really need to go back to sleep. Everytime you awaken you think you are someone that you are not.


We can go over it point per point if you like but I really don't have time.

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PostSubject: Re: Correcting the views of the Deluded mind   8/10/2013, 08:05

Btw Justin,

Here is the problem. It is easy to say you are historical figures because all you have to do is read something they did and say that is what you did in a previous life. No need for proof all you have to say is you did that, but you will never remember the exact day or time you did something not recorded though even if you did come up with something....who is alive today to dispute it....so lo and behold you remember something you did back then.

Subjects learn to develop past-life identities that are consistent with the expectations of their therapist or hypnotist. Our results are also consistent with findings indicating that hidden observer reports are shaped by expectations transmitted by experimental instructions (Spanos & Hewitt, 1980; Spanos et al., 1983), with numerous studies indicating that subjects incorporate information acquired prehypnotically into their hypnotic enactments (Lynn, Nash, Rhue, Frauman, & Sweeney, 1984; Orne, 1959; Spanos, Cobb, & Gorassini, 1985). [18] (bold, underline ours)
And they conclude:

The present findings provide no support for versions of the reincarnation hypothesis holding that past-life responders invariably provide historically accurate accounts... Instead, our findings, along with the work of Kampman (1976) and Wilson (1982) support the usefulness of viewing hypnotically induced past-life identities as contextually generated, rule-governed, goal-directed FANTASIES. According to this hypothesis, subjects construct these fantasies to meet the demands of the hypnotic regression situation. The suggestions employed in this situation require that subjects' fantasies be framed as autobiographical historical minidramas that are narrated by a first-person singular identity other than the subject (i.e., by a secondary personality). To meet these demands, subjects tend to choose historical times and places with which they are relatively familiar or in which they have a special interest. Within these constraints, they construct a life story that weaves together plot lines, details, and characters that are derived from a wide range of sources (e.g., personal experience, television shows, novels) and that is expressed as a first-person report... Both the anecdotal findings reported by Wilson (1982) and the findings of Studies 2 and 3 demonstrate that past-life responders shape their past-life fantasies to correspond to the expectations transmitted by the hypnotist. [19] (bold, underline, capitals ours)

Been to a therapist lately Justin.

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PostSubject: Re: Correcting the views of the Deluded mind   8/11/2013, 03:08


You have only ONE chance at eternal life in the real Christ. Stop wasting it on delussion because forever is a long time to find out you were wrong. This is not a game where you can make a mistake and start over again (or in your case, thinking you can have eternal do-overs).

To your Jesus side I say this, You should never have judged me because I am still here in human form. When does my time as a non-human begin or do you lack the power? Did your quantum computer run out of batteries (try Energizers next time...I hear they keep going and going)? Judge not least you be judged they say. You are already judged and found lacking. Repent while there is still a chance because tomorrow you may not wake up. (No that is not a wish or a known fact...I just want you to consider that as a possibility)

To your Einstein side, coming to a website that has to do with numbers does not make you smart or Einstein. You can throw numbers and facts out there all you want too but you still lack one thing....knowledge of the truth that Jesus is Lord and you are not him. Satan is a liar who said you will not die. You fell for it and crowned yourself king. He and his angels are laughing at you right know because they know where you will end up.....with them.

Try that for a state of mind.

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Brad Watson, Miami


PostSubject: Jesus taught Reincarnation   8/21/2013, 21:37


Reincarnation has now been proven through the scientific method (including experimentation). A common misconception by those who are uninformed, close-minded and married to their dogma is to say, "People who believe in reincarnation always say they're some historical figure returned." This is quite false! There are many documented instances of non-famous direct reincarnations. See the book, Soul Survivor which was promoted on ABC, CNN, etc. Also, Many Lives, Many Masters by Brian Weiss.

"John the Baptist is Elijah returned. He who has ears to hear let them hear". - Jesus

Jesus was a student and teacher of the ancient Mysteries. He studied and taught the Hebrew Mysteries as well as going to Egypt, India, Tibet, Persia, Greece, and Assyria to learn and teach there from ages 12-30.

"With many such parables he spoke the word to them, as they were able to hear it; he did not speak to them without a parable, but privately to his own disciples he explained everything." - Mark 4:33-34.
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PostSubject: Re: Correcting the views of the Deluded mind   

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Correcting the views of the Deluded mind

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