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 Heaven & Hell are a state-of-mind

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Brad Watson, Miami

Brad Watson, Miami

PostSubject: Heaven & Hell are a state-of-mind   8/9/2013, 02:48

Heaven & hell are a state-of-mind, NOT someplace that you go after you die for eternity. 'Eternal punishments & rewards' are unjust; we are constantly "judged according(74) to our actions". Reincarnation has now been proven through the scientific method (including experimentation) and this is how the Christ has returned and produced the "resurrection of the dead". Billy Graham and all other Fundamentalist leaders have been preaching misinformation re: the afterlife for ~2,000 years.

Is there Gospel proof that Jesus believed that heaven is a state-of-mind? "Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand" appears 4 times in the Gospels: 3 in Matthew (John the Baptist taught it first) and once in the 1st chapter of Mark. And what about "The violent have taken over heaven"? No pastor ever bases their sermon on that! If they did, they'd have to rewrite Christian dogma so as to correctly promote "Heaven & Hell are a state-of-mind".
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Heaven & Hell are a state-of-mind

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