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 Albert Einstein reincarnated - The 17 Requirements

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Brad Watson, Miami


PostSubject: Albert Einstein reincarnated - The 17 Requirements   7/13/2013, 11:47

On 9/24/09, I googled Albert Einstein reincarnated and got: I Think I Used To Be Albert Einstein by 19-year-old Donnie Darko on www.abovetopsecret.com . I first wrote this essay at 12:56 as a ‘posted reply’ to that ‘thread’ (p. 3) and it was then entitled: 9 Requirements of Albert Einstein Reincarnated. On 3/15/10 (the day after Einstein’s Birthday), I tweaked it and posted it on www.GodlikeProductions.com/forum1/message1013610/pg1 as ‘Top 11’ ---. Now it’s…

Albert Einstein reincarnated - The 17 Requirements

“God does not play dice with the universe”. – famous Albert Einstein quote refuting the newly discovered probability of quantum mechanics

Reincarnation has been proven scientifically based on: (1) energy is the property something has that enables it to do work, (2) the law of conservation of energy: energy cannot be created or destroyed, although it can change form, (3) the law of conservation of consciousness: consciousness cannot be created or destroyed, although it can be transferred, (4) the law of information: information can be created, but not destroyed, although it can be transferred, and (5) the theory of luck...

Luck 100 = [karma 4 + modesty 1] × [desire 4 + action 4 + ability 4 + contribution 4 + blessing 4]

Albert Einstein discovered wave/particle duality (which began quantum mechanics) by realizing that light was both waves and particles. Subsequently, it was discovered that all matter and energy is both waves and particles. Our lives are also both waves (our souls' eternal life of spirit) and particles (individual physical lives in linear time).

Those who say that "the math doesn't add up" in relationship to reincarnation and the number of humans currently on Earth are not taking into consideration animals and extraterrestrial life. Our ETernal soul has definitely not been restricted to being an Earth-bound human (therefore explaining the belief of ‘going to heaven’ as confusing it with ‘going up to the heavens’), and once one 'reaches the level of human', they can certainly return as an animal (and often do more good).

Anyone claiming to be someone reincarnated would have to (1) fit into a timeline of ‘direct reincarnation’. Albert Einstein died on April 18, 1955. A potential direct reincarnation could not be born before his death and probably not ‘too many years’ after. For anyone to be taken seriously while claiming that they were Albert Einstein reincarnated, he would (2) feel an need to correct mistakes and tweak other stances taken in his science as well as producing some most serious 'beyond Einstein science'! Besides promoting The Conglomerate of Nonparallel-Universes Theory, he must (3) discover Einstein's unsolved unified field theory: Unified Strings (U21S19) Theory. He'd also have to (4) discover Plan-it Theory of GOD=7_4 or FOD=6_4 (on PlanEt Nestor) - physics' ‘theory of everything’ which is not the same thing as the unified field theory, although very closely related. (5) Einstein would return to discover S=19 (18.6) Theory (repetitive pattern/fractal). (6) He'd also discover the Speed & Power of Thought Theory, whereas, thought - especially GOD/FOD's thought - can travel much faster-than-light, thus defying linear time and locality. (7) Einstein wouldn't only discover the Theory of Renativity; he'd be 'one of the incarnations of the messiah'. He'd also discover the closely connected Conglomeratal Energy eternal and Conglomeratal Relationships eternal Theories.

This reincarnated Einstein would also have to (8) provide some new 'coincidental' insight on his birth (3.14) and death at age 76 on April 18, and his rebirth, as well as (9) a ‘beyond E=mc2 theory’ that includes a symbolic aspect of the name ‘Albert58 Einstein’ (E in st, e in). (10) The ‘continued soul of Einstein’ would provide some CLASSIFIED INFORMATION on his activities during World War II re: his work with the US Navy on The Philadelphia Experiment. Since we're discussing the science of reincarnation, this person would have to (11) discover the scientific Reincarnation Theory & its 23 Principles which includes (12) an updated modification of Einstein's separability principle and how it applies to reincarnation, whereas, systems (souls) with different locations in space have independent realities’. Souls remain ‘separate and independent’ throughout the eternal reincarnation process. Also, he’d have to (13) provide the 'soul thread' of who he was before being Einstein. For a theory to be proven experimentally, there must be more than one example of direct reincarnation. Einstein would return and (14) identify those reincarnations closest to him: his second wife Elsa Einstein (Sivabruntha ---), his first wife Mileva Maric Einstein (Janna Levin), Marilyn Monroe (Janet Jackson), his closest political ally Franklin Roosevelt (Barack Obama), his arch nemesis Fuhrer Adolph Hitler (George Walker Bush Jr.), and other prominent celebrities of his day 'returning' today. Besides being a scientist, Einstein was an accomplished musician (violin & piano) and (15) would have to demonstrate the 'next level' in this life: professional musician. Einstein also had his social, political, philosophical, and even religious 'missions'. There would have to be (16) a clear continuation of those missions in this lifetime. (17) Prove conclusively that there is a 'GOD'/'system as a whole': the universal quantum computer where particles not only collide, they compute, etc.

Please feel free to add 'requirements' - the real Albert Einstein reincarnated needs to be tested!

GOD does play dice with this universe. However, He knows all probabilities and His dice are loaded!

Note: To view the correct unified field theory & theory of everything, see Identifying 'True Earth-like Planets' - All New Worlds Are Built On 7_4 (like Earth) Or 6_4 at: http://PlanetNestor.blogspot.com

Non-coincidental synchronic reaction: After I posted and tweaked this on www.abovetopsecret.com – which was the 1st time I’ve compiled this list – I turned the TV on to the ABC World News with Charlie Gibson and looked for a ‘reaction’. In their final segment (9/24/09 18:58), they featured ‘Unlikely Animal Friends’ – a preview of an upcoming National Geographic Special. They showed an orangutan and a dog, a chicken and a cat, and a lion and an antelope lamb. After the orangutan and dog were shown playing together (it was very cute), their keeper said, “They would make you believe in reincarnation”. I try to watch the national news every night and have for over 40 years, and I’ve never heard them refer to reincarnation! 7/12/13 19:21 "Einstein theories proven...quantum mechanics...quantum computer" - The Big Bang Theory, The Bat Jar Conjecture on Ch 3. 19:35 "When Albert Einstein discovered the laser..." "Mission accomplished" - The Big Bang Theory, The Lunar Excitation

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Albert Einstein reincarnated - The 17 Requirements

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