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 GOD=7_4, 7/4=July 4th

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Brad Watson, Miami


PostSubject: GOD=7_4, 7/4=July 4th   7/1/2013, 23:54

In 1774, Continental Congress met for the first time. Two years later, John Hancock, as President of Congress, was the only member of that body to actually sign the Declaration of Independence on 7/4/1776. The only other signature that day was Charles Thomson, who as Secretary of Congress attested Hancock's signature so as to make the document legal. This original copy of the Declaration was then sent to printer John Dunlop who made 200 copies that evening of July 4 and early morning of July 5th. These 200 copies are known as the 'Dunlop Broadsides' and the few remaining copies are priceless! George Washington received his Dunlop Broadside and on July 9th he read it out loud to the Continental Army.

General Washington had assumed command of the army on July 3rd, 1775 making 7/4/1775 his first full day as commanding general. Washington would eventually have 74 generals in the Continental Army (33 of them were Freemasons).

John Hancock was a Grand Master Mason (like Benjamin Franklin & George Washington) and was the only delegate - the only one of eventually 56 delegates to sign the later copy of the Declaration - to have 7 letters in his last name and 4 in his first name. Like the Liberty(7) Bell(4), this symbolically pointed to 7/4 (July 4). This is 'Step 1' of Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74) where counting the number of letters(7) in a word(4)/name/phrase has symbolic meaning.

Using 'Step 2' of Simple(6,74) English(7,74) Gematria(8,74), Thomson=74 (T20+H8+O+M13+S19+O+N14). The circle O can be either the 15th letter or zerO, i.e. GOD=7_4. The US Forever Stamp uses both Step 1 & Step 2 of gematria since it has a picture of the Liberty(7) Bell(4) & Forever=74.

To the rest of the world, 7/4 = 7 April, which in 30 AD was the first day of the Passover(8) Festival(8): it was Good(7__4) Friday(74) when Jesus(74) son of Joseph(73) was on the Cross(74=C3+R18+O15+S19+S19). 7/4/783 AUC or April 7, 30 AD.

GOD=7_4, 7/4=July 4th or 7 April

Y'shua(74) ben Yosef was born on April 17, 6 BC: 17/4/748 Roman Calendar. (See the site of astronomer http://MichaelMolnar.com .) This has been reported on the BBC, CNN, FOX, CBS, Discovery Channel & History Channel. 4/17 made the Messiah(74) an Aries the Ram and baby sheep are lambs. Y'shua was the "Lamb of God" and he was destined to be crucified on the first day of Passover - Friday April 7, 30 AD: 7/4/783 AUC (ab urbe condita).

The Knights Templar excavated the Jerusalem Temple Mount in 1119-1128 and discovered* scrolls that, among other things, documented Jesus' Birthday. This information and possibly the scrolls themselves were passed on to the Freemasons. King James was a Grand Master Mason (GMM[33])and his Authorized Version of the Bible encoded it with Jesus' first teaching of Matthew 4:17. The United States Founding Fathers encoded it on July 4, 1776 and at the Constitutional Convention where 74 representatives attended (not at the same time) and the Constitution's 7 Articles were written on 4 pages. The first boundary marker - the first national monument of the US - of the one hundred(74) square mile Federal City was laid on March 15, 1789: the 74th day of the year.

Benjamin Franklin 'coincidentally' died on 4/17/1790, George Washington on 12/14/1799 and John Adams & Thomas Jefferson died on July 4th: 7/4/1826 - the 50th Anniversary/Birthday.

When we consider that GOD=7_4, 7/4=July 4th or 7 April, that's pretty intense! Now when we add that he was born on 17/4=1 GOD, WOW! A simple mathematical proof of God's existence!! And using Simple(74) English(74) Gematria(74) with the key(74) of A=1...Z=26, Jesus(74)/Y'shua(74)/Joshua(74)/IESVS(74)/Iesous(73), Jewish(74), Menorah(74), Messiah(74), and Cross(74). Well, this is 'beyond coincidence'.

Happy July 4th Holiday(74) to everyone!

- Brad Watson, Miami
author of 'There Are No Coincidences - there is synchronism and alignment'. This is the "book/scroll sealed with 7 seals" ('beyond Einstein theories') prophesied in The Revelation 5:1-10:10


"Anytime an idea(19) is connect(59/74)ed to natur(74)e, it's not only logical(59) - it was inevitable"


Lunar months(74)* are 29.5 days (29.5305882 days) and have 4 phases: new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter - giving each phase ~7.4 days each. This is where we get our 7-day week with 4 weeks in a `moonth'. The 7-day `Creation story' of Genasis(74) is a reflection of this and on the 4th day: Gen. 1:14-19, "GOD said, `Let there be a system of light-bearers in the firmament of the heavens(74) to divide the day from the night; and they shall serve also as signs and for festive seasons, and for cycles of days and years and omens of eclipses'... And GOD made two great light-bearers (Sun & Moon)...and GOD saw that it was GOOD...the 4th day."

There's a code here: GOD=GOOD=7_4, whereas, G is the 7th letter, a circle is 15 or a zerO, and D is 4. The ancients (Egyptians) recognized the cycle of lunar months and that the lunar year of 354 days + a 7 day week + 4 days = solar year of 365 days. With the naked eye, they could see 7 moving objects(74) in the heavens(74) and 4 don't cast shadows(74) on Earth (Venus does).


"As above, so below" was/is the premise of 'sacred geometry'. ("On Earth as it is in the heavens.") Thus, the Egyptians took the Standard/Biblical cubits(74) of 6 palms x 4 fingers and added a palm to create Royal cubits of 7 palms x 4 fingers. The Giza Pyramids, Sphinx, Temples at Luxor - all sacred buildings - were designed using this sacred code of GOD=7_4.


Genasis 7:4, "For in 7 days, it will rain for 40 days and nights." This is the 1st time the recurring theme of the sacred #40 appears.

Moses - `Prince of Egypt' - was initiated into the ancient Mysteries. 7 times he `did' the #40. He aligned the 4th Commandment: "Keep the 7th day holy". Moses, Aaron and his 2 sons, and 70 elders - 74 altogether - went on Mt. Sinai. This mirrored the primary Egyptian religion(74) story of Osiris(74), Isis, Horus, Set and 70 others. Moses taught Joshua(74) the GOD=7_4 code who used it at Jericho when 7 priests with 7 horns(74) marched around for 7 days and on the 7th time around on the last day, they blew their horns, everybody yelled, and an earthquake occurred!

"Selah" - a musical direction - is found 74 times in the Old Testament (71x in Psalms & 3x in Habakkuk). Composer(74), songs(74) melody(74).


Julius Caesar (JC) revised the Roman/Julian Calendar into its present 7 months with thirty-one days, 4 with thirty, and February's twenty-eight (7×4).

Jesus(74)/Y'shua(74)/Joshua(74)/IESVS(74) was born on 17.4.748 AUC / April 17, 6 BC. The king(74) of the Judeans(74) - Messiah(74) of the Jewish(74) people - was on the Cross(74) on Good Friday(74) 7.4.783 / April 7, 30 AD.

the king=74
G7ood4 Friday=74=G7+O+O+D4+F6+R18+I9+D4+A1+Y25

The Revelation's "7 seals" and "4 Horsemen". Rev 7:4, "Then I heard the number of...".

#7 is 4th prime number. '4 is in the middle of 7'.

Modern science(58) tells us that Venus is .7 AU and Mercury .4 AU from the Sun. Saturn has 4 `seasons' of ~7.4 years each. Besides Earth, there are 7 planets and 4 trans-Neptunian planetoids in this system. ~74% of this universe's elemental mass is hydrogen. ~74% of everything in this universe is dark energy(74). Unified Strings (U21 S19) Theory - M-theory (superstrings & supergravity theories) plus time analysis - has 7 dimensions of hyperspace + 4 common dimensions and 7 aspects of regular time + 4 aspects of hypertime.


Earth has 7 continents and 4 seasons, ('7 seas') & 4 oceans. ~74% of the planit's surface is water. ~74% of our freshwater is contained in ice caps and glaciers(74). Human pregnancies are 40 weeks (7×40). Brain, heart & muscle are ~74% water. Chicken eggs are ~74% water, etc.

That was all a BIG Masonic(7,74=M13+A1+S19+O15+N14+I9+C3) Code(4), as was 7/4=July 4th and Liberty(7 letters) Bell(4), New York(7) City(4) at 74 degrees West longitude. Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and John(4,47) Hancock(7,40) were Grand Master Masons. Scholars somewhat agree that out of the '57 Founding Fathers' as few as nine and as many as 51 were members of Free(4)masonry(7).

Federal(7) City(4) or Capitol(7) City(4) was the original name for Washington DC. Jenkins(7) Hill(4) became Capitol(7) Hill(4) and the Capitol(7) Dome(4) has the statue of Lady(4) Freedom(7) atop it..

"4 score & 7 years ago, our fathers..." - 'Father Abraham' Lincoln referring to Genasis 16:16 (Lincoln was 16th President and p16resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Av.)

All this GOD=7_4 design(58) proves there is a Grand Architect of this Universe (G.A.O.T.U.).


Everyone that I've ever seen count(5,58/73) using their fingers, always counts them with their palms up. Notice how the Ring Finger is the 7th from the right or 4th from the left.


Statue of Liberty Code: GOD=7_4, 7/4=July 4, 7 rays & 4 columns

I AM currently (10/2/11 08:30) watching History Channel's Brad Meltzer's Decoded - 'Statue of Liberty'. They have exposed that "everybody involved in the statue was a Freemason". That's nothing new. They have shown that "the measurements involved in the statue and pedestal are divisible by 7 through numerology". Ok.

Everyone knows the global significance of the #7, yet few realize that it was based on "As above, so below", which is the main premise of the ancient practice of sacred geometry. The ancients easily recognized that there were 7 moving heavenly bodies: sun, moon, & 5 "wandering stars" (planets). These can, of course, still be seen with the naked eye. The ancients also recognized that the lunar month is 29 1/2 days and this is rounded off to 4 phases of the moon each being 7 days (one week), or to be more precise, 4 phases of ~7.4 days each.

The Statue of Liberty holds a tablet in her left hand that in Roman numerals says, "July 4, 1776" or 7/4/1776. This was quite a Masonic(7,74) code(4). 704 = GOD, whereas, the 7th letter is G, a circle remains a circle, and the 4th letter is D. Therefore, GOD=7_4.

Lady(4 letters) Liberty(7) has 7 horns/spikes/rays coming from atop her crown. Her pedestal has 4 columns on each of its 4 sides.

1 crown = 74 (1+C3+R18+O15+W23+N14)
horns = 74 (H8+O15+R18+N14+S19)

"A symbol of Lucifer, but not the Lucifer that you think it means... it's Latin for 'one who bears light': the Morning Star - the Planet Venus". But the program again misses the GOD=7_4 Code! Morning(7 letters) Star(4) and Lucifer=74 (L12+U21+C3+I9+F6+E5+R18).

Everyone associates Lady Liberty with New York(7) City(4) at 74 degrees West longitude. Now you know more than Brad(4) Meltzer(7)!

- Brad(4) Wattson(7), Miami

Note: Following the Statue of Liberty is Meltzer's The Lincoln Assassination. John(47) Wilkes Booth was surrounded on the Garrett(7) Farm(4) and shot(47) in the Tobacco(7) Barn(4).


74 members of the Council on Foreign Relations were present at the first United Nations Conference in San Francisco in 1945.
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GOD=7_4, 7/4=July 4th

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