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 S: Symbol/Sign/Shape of Snake/Serpent & Satan/Sin

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Brad Watson, Miami


PostSubject: S: Symbol/Sign/Shape of Snake/Serpent & Satan/Sin   6/28/2013, 02:24

"Anytime an idea* is connected to nature, it's not only logical - it was inevitable."

S: Symbol/Sign/Shape of Snake/Serpent that Slithers/Slides and hisses. The 'God-guy' and Satan are at the Start of the Story when She (S+he) - Eve the Second 'clone' - wants to be Smart and Sees the Source of God's knowledge and lets the Sin / S in. She feels Shame. After Sex (Seduction?), She has a Son who later is given the mark S on his forehead. (Note: Superman's S.) Moses' Staff becomes a Snake. It is Said that Satan is symbolized by Six, Six, Six and Scarlet. Do we use a Spell when we Spell?

The Story of the God-guy "creating Adam(19) in his image" is the first example of plural; adding s at the end of words, i.e. humanS.

The letter S is a pictograph/hieroglyph derived from nature. To the ancients, the Snake represented the earth because it was the only animal that its entire body appears to be in full contact with the earth's Surface. So, one of the Strong points of the Story at the Start of the Sacred Scriptures was contact between the heavenS (Sky, Stars, Space) and the Earth.

"In the beginnin', GOD created the heavens and the Earth" - Genasis 1:1

This dichotomy of heavens and Earth is established in verse 1 of the Bible and it runs through all of the Sacred Scriptures with its last reference being The Revelation 21:1, "Then I Saw a new heavens and a new Earth".

Sabbath/Shabbat is on the Seventh day: either Saturnday or Sunday.

Soul & Spirit.

The Simple fact that through the centuries, the letter S eventually became the 19th letter of the modern English alphabet is not a 'coincidence'. The #19 (18.6) comes up much in nature with the ancients being well aware that the Solar year (Sun) and the lunar year align/Synchronize every 19 years: the beginnin' of Science (School, Study).

Google Search... 'Seal #4: S=19 (18.6) Theory'. Or see http://7seals.blogspot.com

Eve (in Hebrew = 19)

Synchronism: 6/27/13 11:20 "It's been said that it was only a myth" - ad on ESPN. Slight shower outside.
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S: Symbol/Sign/Shape of Snake/Serpent & Satan/Sin

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