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 Christian Fundamentalists believe in Zombies

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Brad Watson, Miami

Brad Watson, Miami

PostSubject: Christian Fundamentalists believe in Zombies   5/16/2013, 22:56

'Eternity' is all of time: including the past, present, and future. Christian fundamentalists don't believe in eternity, they believe in perpetuity: starting at a point in time and continuing forever into the future. And any Christian who doesn't believe in reincarnation, can only explain "the return of the Christ and the resurrection of the dead" by their belief in zombies! They believe that skeletons of the dead - some dead for thousands of years - will supernaturally reconstruct when the Christ returns and dig their way out of their graves (or emerge from the sea if they were buried there) and walk the streets. "Thriller!" speechless

Synchronism: 5/16/13 08:15 Mummy Forensics on History 2 Channel
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Christian Fundamentalists believe in Zombies

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