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 Has NASA discovered the Planit Nestor & FOD=6_4?

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Brad Watson, Miami


PostSubject: Has NASA discovered the Planit Nestor & FOD=6_4?   4/20/2013, 05:53

Today, 4/18/13, NASA announced the discovery of some potential alien worlds, see http://space.com . I posted the following there that I'd like to discuss here because of its fulfillment of the prophecy of "And I saw a new heavens and a new earth" - Rev 21:1...

Planet Nestor? Probably not. Nestor and the Nestlings are our 'next-door neighbors' - they are the closest 'true Earth-like exoplanet' - and humans have a nest or colony there. The plan-it was designed using the mathematical model of FOD=6_4, whereas, F is the 6th letter, a circle O is either 15 or zero, and D is 4.

Nestor has 6 continents and 4 seasons, ("6 seas") 4 oceans, ~64% of its surface is covered by water. Its large moon has a 25.5 day cycle: 4 phases of 6 day weeks (~6.4 days). With the naked eye, Nestlings can see 6 moving objects in the heavens: Sun, Moon, and 4 'wandering stars'/planets. Their 306-day lunar year + 6 day week + 4 days = 316 day solar year. Besides Nestor, their solar system has 6 other planets and 4 distant dwarf planets. Nestor has two inner planets at .6 & .4 AU and/or two outer planets at 6 & 4 AU. Nestling pregnancies are 40 weeks: 6 days x 40 = 240 days.

Nestings' primary language is 'Eqfish': 6 letters, equals 64=E5+Q17+F6+I9+S19+H8.


"In the befinninf, FOD created the healens(64) and the Nestor" - Fenkis(64) 1:1, their Bible

"In the befinninf was the Word, and the Word was with Fod, and the Word was FOD" - Juan(46) 1:1

See my NASA Conference one-page poster presentation "Identifying 'True Earth-like Planets' - All New Worlds Are Built With 7_4 (like Earth) Or 6_4" at http://planetnestor.blogspot.com .

- Brad Watson, Miami
Founder (Fod.) of PlanEt Nestor
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Has NASA discovered the Planit Nestor & FOD=6_4?

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