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 Precept upon Precept.....

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PostSubject: Precept upon Precept.....   3/12/2013, 09:44

There are downloads in regards to Infinity Code Charts and talks by Al Neal himself on Youtube so please understand this is about getting out what I have learned and not about book sales. I am just glad to find a forum I can share what I have learned.

If you find online downloads and or PDF,s about Pictographic Hebrew that is level one. You will then find that every chapter of the Bible has anywhere from one to as mucha as 3 Hebrew letters over them.

Level 2 JR Church wrote a book "Prphecies in the Psalms" Psalms 93 (1993) look on wikipedia and confim the floods of 93. Psalms 64 (1964) "they shoot at the perfect from secret..." JFK assasination.

I will be back. Don't want to overload you with too much info. lol
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PostSubject: Hebrew letters per chapter....   3/13/2013, 06:02

When one looks closely enough at the scriptures you can find the Hebrew letter that is over the chapter. The Hebrew letters pictographic meanings repeat themselves in order from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22 on the first level. The second level begins with each new chapter, therefore Exodus 1 is an aleph/zayin chapter. It is Aleph due to it beginning a new chapter and it is Zayin in its count from Genesis 1. I personally abbreviate this as C/O or Chapter count/OT count.

There are 2 hebrew letters over each chapter of the Bible from that point on to Malachi 4. When we reach the New Testament the count becomes N/C/O or NT count/Chapter count/OT count.

My favorite examples of Pictograph meanings hidden in the chapter are Acts 2, a 3/2/8 chapter and 1 Samuel 24, a 2/18 chapter.

In Act 2, gimmel (pride) is addressed in that the mens hearts were pricked (pride abated in essence), beth (house) is addressed as to where they were gathered when the Holy Spirit arrived and cheth (separation) in the cloven tongues of flame and that the church parted out their posessions to those in need.

In 1 Samuel, Tsaddi is very prevelant in the scripture. Man on side (men on the sides of the cave Saul entered), correct trial and hunt(Saul was told where to find them), snare (he wanted to snare David of course). Desire and need is also in the chapter (obvious it was his desire to find David).
Beth is addressed simply by their being IN a cave of course for one thing.

My next post will address another level of the code. Hebrew words of the same numeric value as the chapter they are covering.

BTW the entire Infinity Bible Code book is availiable for a free download. Every Hebrew and Greek word as well as their numeric values are already done.

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Ed J


PostSubject: Re: Precept upon Precept.....   3/13/2013, 10:16

Daauthor50 wrote:

I will be back. Don't want to overload you with too much info. lol

Hi David,

You won't overload me. smiling
Looking forward to hearing all you have! grinning

God bless
Ed J (Joshua 22:34)
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PostSubject: Short post.....   3/14/2013, 04:11

As many are aware Hebrew letters have numeric value as does Greek letters. This is the one thing they have in common. The Yahoo group of the Infinity Code has a file that contains a chart from my book. It shows the numeric values of certain Hebrew words that I have written over a given chapter.

For example OB, Hebrew for Familiar spirit. It has a numeric value of 9. The 9th book of the Bible is 1 Samuel. Who is not familiar with 1 Samuel 18:10 or 1 Samuel 28:9. But ever notice that in Matthew 9 there is one possessed with a devil in verse 32 or that the Hebrew word Yachad with a value of 22 (Song of Solomon) can be found in Matthew 22 in verse 2 in the form of "marriage" as it means "be joined" Is the Song os Solomon about a joining.

Appendix C contains 39 examples, one for each OT book contianed in the first 39 chapters of the New Testament.

More to come.

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PostSubject: Re: Precept upon Precept.....   

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Precept upon Precept.....

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