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 The holy bible does not teach reincarnation.

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PostSubject: Re: The holy bible does not teach reincarnation.   6/6/2013, 01:24

Brad Watson, Miami wrote:

Wrong. Reincarnation is very real and is no longer 'just' a religious belief; it has been proven through the scientific method. Benjamin Franklin believed in the transmigration of the soul and planned on continuing his mission of keeping the fragmented country together while abolishing slavery in his next life. And his eternal soul accomplished this as Franklin returned as Abraham Lincoln. How else to logically explain the genius of Lincoln who had only one year of education in a pioneer school house? Was it a 'coincidence' that one of the five books that 11-year-old Abraham had was the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin that was written as a guide for a specific youth?!

And who was Lincoln reincarnated as? At the 2004 Einstein Conference at the Aspen Institute, five different presenters including a Nobel Prize winner and Institute Director Walter Isaacson compared Ben Franklin to Albert Einstein.

"Jesus didn't bring wrath". WTF? You don't think the Israelites received GOD's wrath with them losing their war against the Romans, having Herod's Temple destroyed, and losing their homeland for 1,877 years?! Slap yourself.

'Eternity' is all of time: including the past, present, and future. You don't believe in eternity, you believe in perpetuity. And any Christian who doesn't believe in reincarnation, can only explain "the return of the Christ and the resurrection of the dead" by their belief in zombies!

Your beliefs seem pretty fundamentalist. It appears you won't be able to recognize the reincarnated Christ. You'll have to be born again to get it!

The next time somebody asks you if you are open-minded to reincarnation, tell them, "No and I didn't believe in it in my last lifetime either!"

LOL! reincarnation has been proven? Were you a gullible idiot in your last life as well?

The wrath of God in the false Messianic teachings was that the Messiah would bring the wrath. Israel simply fell 70 years latter as it had fallen before because it's just a nation like any other. Today Israel is a museum to a broken promise sustained by the sympathy of Christian nations.

Jesus resurrected himself in the form that man will have in heaven.

Reincarnation is a false theory.

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Brad Watson, Miami

Brad Watson, Miami

PostSubject: Colter's Judgment Day 6/16/13   6/17/2013, 23:56


You probably won't believe in reincarnation in this life, you'll have to be born again and learn it in your next life. But that won't happen for awhile! You judged me and very rudely called me "idiot" while you were doing it - there's nothing Christian about your behavior. "Judge not, or you will be judged" - Jesus, Matthew 7:1. Therefore...

By the power(77) vested in me by GOD as His Christ(77), I hereby rule that 6/17/13 is your Judgment Day: you FAIL F.

Sentence: Bad luck for the rest of your life, then your eternal soul will spend 174 years reincarnated as non-human. When you do return as human, it will be under conditions that some might call "hell".*

Note: You can repent, do alot of public service, and petition this court for a reassessment of your sentence. GOD & His Christ are just and forgiving.

- Brad Watson(77), Miami
GOD's Judge of All Humanity

c.c. http://7seals.yuku.com

Synchronism: 08:47 "No hell below us" - John Lennon's 'Imagine' on Golf Channel
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The holy bible does not teach reincarnation.

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