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 News Release: God's existence HAS BEEN PROVEN!

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Ed J


PostSubject: News Release: God's existence HAS BEEN PROVEN!   3/7/2013, 11:09

God's existence has NOW FINALLY BEEN PROVEN!

"There is an intelligence originating outside of time that can now
be mathematically linked to the Christian Bible and even labeled... "GOD"!

God's Signature (which is seen as a pattern of five) has been encoded into the pages of the
"Authorized King James Version of the Bible," proving that the "AKJV Bible" is God's inspired word.

Many people today have been familiarized with "a pattern of three" called "The Trinity".
But what has now been revealed is a sophisticated complex series of English Gematria
encoded directly into the "AKJV bible" through five (5) numerical signature markers.

For over 400 years, religious scholars have been unaware that within the AKJV Bible,
"YHVH" (God’s name) has been mathematically encoded as the number sixty-three[63].

The Authorized King James Version of the Bible is permeated with five such numerical signature markers:
This Pattern of Five is now seen as "God’s Signature" and offers the skeptic conclusive "Proof of GOD."

FREE BOOK: in PDF form can be acquired through the web site: http://www.HolyCityBibleCode.org

This is not your typical ELS Codes ("skip letter sequencing" aka "find a word grid") that people use to prove historical events.

This pattern of FIVE along with other profound discoveries are inextricably woven together throughout the Old
and New Testament alike. There is no way the writers of the Bible could have purposely encoded this, considering
the large timescales and the variety of languages used; Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek and now English. When considering
the proof of the existence of God, these evidences combine together into a truth Gematria matrix that offers the skeptic
conclusive proof that GOD exists!

WEB SITE: http://www.HolyCityBibleCode.org
FORUM: http://holycitybiblecode.forumotion.com/
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News Release: God's existence HAS BEEN PROVEN!

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