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 More Spiritual

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Ed J


PostSubject: Re: More Spiritual   12/25/2017, 01:56

BrianC wrote:
Ed J wrote:
really wrote:
1) Change begins in the heart and mind -2) God's spirit begins that change.

Agree or add to that?
Hi Really,

God begins knocking on the door of our heart
long before we begin to participating in change.

I completely agree.

The thoughts of the mind are a result of the emotions of the heart. All thoughts have their causal root in the heart. However, there are also thoughts that are a result of parasitic entities (demons) attached to the energy of the heart. Those thoughts are not ours. And those impulses are not ours. Those impulses are those entities' impulses. They're using us for a good time. lol I haven't decided whether they mean to harm us, or if them harming us is just a result of them using us for a good time. Either way, they're using us and it causes harm to us and others.

As we heal the heart, those entities have a hard time hanging around it. I've seen amazing things happen when those entities are cast out. The results aren't always immediate, but will sometimes take days and days. However, I think real emotional work needs to be done for lasting change so that more entities don't just replace the old ones. I don't worry too much about demonic things. When they're a problem, I'll know and I'll deal with it.

I start with the emotional work first and consistently (daily) attend to it. I starve the addictive behavior by limiting it, then I start to feel the emotional undercurrent. At that point, if I feel the demonic is keeping the emotions from integrating, then I'll cast it off. Each situation is different and calls for personal insight. Sometimes, the emotional healing work will end up disbanding the parasitic entities (demonic).
Hi Brian,

Excellent Post!

God bless
Ed J
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More Spiritual

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