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PostSubject: Re: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Empty1/6/2019, 08:04

Welcome. Here are the rules you must all agree to:

1. Spamming will not be permitted.
2. Abusive language will not be permitted.
3. Bloating individual posts will not be permitted.
4. Flooding threads unnecessarily will not be permitted.
5. All posted quoted material must have (a link) to their source.
6. Unsavory material will be immediately deleted and the Poster banned.
7. Administrators may move any thread to a more appropriate forum category.

Infractions 1-5: will be warned in the thread in which they occur.
If a Moderator sees the behavior continuing, a PM Warning will result.

If a Poster ignores these warnings, they will be put on suspension
from posting, how long will depend on the severity of the infraction;
if the specified behavior persists, a permanent suspension may result.

Please show each other respect and dignity here.
The Admin
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Forum Rules

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